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Don Malpass Jr. & Chris Doohan

Don Malpass Jr. and Chris Doohan at the James Doohan Convention

Dear Don,

Thank you for making the beautiful, "Bird of Prey" and "Enterprise" for my father and I. Everyone who sees them comments on their intricate lighting and precise detail, and I must tell you, the craftsmanship is second to none. I was at my father's house recently and saw the model you made for him. He placed it prominently in his living room where everyone could see it. He obviously enjoyed and treasured that incredible gift. These ships will provide us with enjoyment for years to come, and will surely become a family heirloom.

Sincerely, Chris Doohan

Doohan Museum Scotland

Enterprise by Don Malpass Jr. on display at the James Doohan Museum in Scotland

Commemorative Board James Montgomery Scott

Model and Commemorative board set up at the 2004 Convention Dinner at the Wolfgang Puck Restaurant in LA

James Doohan's Model

Chris Doohan's Model

James Doohan and Don Malpass Jr

James Doohan
7021 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood Walk of Fame

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