Don Malpass Jr.

I am Don Malpass, Jr., Professional Star Trek Model builder and now Reverse Glass Space Painter. I have been a Star Trek fan for over 40 years and have built models for Star Trek actors from every series.


I was hired by the AMT/ERTL model company years ago to do the original buildups of their models for the box and to be used at toy fair. Some of my ships can be seen here

I am now creating Reverse Glass and Reverse Plexiglass space paintings. Each painting is painted on the back side of the glass or Plexiglass. Each painting comes framed in black aluminum with a hanging wire. All ships used in the paintings are photos of the models I have built over the years.

I have been honored to be asked to paint a painting for Nichelle Nichols for her final appearance at a Star Trek Convention in 2021. I also have a painting in William Shatner's Hollywood Charity Horse show auction in 2021. I hope you enjoy looking at these models and paintings as much as I have enjoyed creating them. Any questions or requests please email me at

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